Artist international Music & Dance Association

The Artist international Music & Dance Association is a Canadian registered non profit organization. Founded in 1997, located in the city of Toronto, where deep-rooted art and multi-cultural music are nourished, gathered many world-class musicians. With our Honorary President Maureen Forrester, who is a renowned Canadian icon and one of the first Canadian performers to gain international stature.  Her work and her warm buoyant spirit have helped generate worldwide respect for Canada and Canadian artists.

Our goals are to promote cultural exchange through the arts of music and dance, as well as to produce and present performances and exhibitions that showcase emerging artists through the arrangement of competitions with the establishment and granting of prizes, awards, and distinctions. The main objective is to give young musicians the experience and exposure needed to build successful career.

Since the start of A.I.M.D.A. in year 1987, the association has been holding annual competitions for over 1000 emerging artists. Participants greatly enjoyed their interaction with Judges from all over the world. They were also given performing opportunities to nurture their musical skills and talents.









   39th Bellini International Competition First Prize Winner, Song Lu (China)